"Quality of experiences is entirely a mental, self-controllable pursuit. There are many ways to attain the skills: meditation, self-help, religion, etc. But at the core of each and every single one is the message “It’s not about grabbing more, but appreciating the now.”"

I have 46 Thanksgiving dinners left with my family. After that, I’ll be dead. — Medium

Everything is an opportunity

Everything is an opportunity

"Speed Camera Lottery pays drivers for slowing down"

Speed Camera Lottery pays drivers for slowing down | Toronto Star


We go forward.


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"The GPS coordinates of Social Pool as well as the key to open it’s mobile cover are provided by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in West Hollywood. Please call or pass by the MAK Center on the day you want to visit Social Pool and check if the key is available. No reservation requiered. Social Pool is located in the desert, in a remote area without any infrastructure. Be aware that there are no roads, trails or signs that lead to the pool. You will have to walk a certain distance in order to reach the pool from the nearest road. Don’t forget to bring drinking water, food and sun protection. For your stay in the desert, it’s recommended to wear a hat, sun glasses and boots."


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